Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

1107 B Street – Meridian, MS 39301. We are less than a mile and two turns from Interstate 59/20 off the 22nd Ave Exit and blocks away from our very active Meridian Downtown Historic District.

When are you open?

We are open Monday thru Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm and closed on Sunday year-round. We do however CLOSE in observance of New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day (July 4th), Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day so everyone can celebrate with their family and friends. Please call 601-286-3521 with any questions.

Do you allow pets?

We do, well sort of –we love to meet new fur babies but please leave your Anacondas, Tarantulas, Bearded Dragons and other such “unusual” pets at home.

Is there an admission fee or is it free?

This isn’t a museum, and all our junk is for sale! FREE admission to all - so please feel free to bring your trucks, trailers, campers, buses, U-Hauls and 18-wheelers – we have plenty of room for you and friendly help to load you up!

Can I bring a stroller? Diaper bag? Backpack? Over-sized purse?

We welcome strollers however we limit over-sized diaper bags, backpacks and over-sized purses. Our parking lot is conveniently located outside our main entrance so any items you may need are only a few steps away. We also offer drop-off at the main counter if you do not wish to leave in your vehicle.

How do you figure your prices and why is there sales tax?

We offer over 200 active vendors, so prices are up to the vendor and not the market. Vendors try to be as fair in their pricing as they can but please remember they must travel to acquire the goods, clean it, test it, transport it and sell it while still making a modest profit to be able to go out and do it all again. For sales tax, in Mississippi, all indoor flea markets are required to run their sales through a central register system and collect/remit sales tax on all items sold – NEW and USED. Certified re-sellers can apply for tax exempt but a current resale license for their business is required to be kept on file. Please see an associate at the main counter for re-sale permit questions.

Can I haggle or are your prices set?

The market has a $10 minimum offer per item. If an item is $10 or less then the price is firm. Items over $10 can be negotiable but it’s ultimately up to the vendor (owner) of that specific item to decide. Offers are communicated with vendors through calls, texts or voicemails. Most vendors respond in a few moments. If you would like to make an offer, please stop by the main counter for assistance before checking out. We will either need to see it at the counter (small items just place it in your shopping cart), we can walk with you to look at the piece or if you prefer, snap a clear photo of the entire item AND a clear photo of the entire vendor’s sale tag with your phone to show at the counter.

Do you deliver?

For local, larger purchases we partner with an outside delivery service starting at $65 in town. There is also a U-Haul dealer nearby which generally offers a short run truck for $19.95 (based on availability).

Do you hold items or offer layaway?

We do not currently offer to hold or layaway items. You can however pick up a purchased item within 10 days of purchase if you need to arrange delivery or someone to pick up your larger items.

Do you buy items? Appraise items?

The market does not buy, nor do we appraise. With over 200 active vendors, they are responsible for bringing in their own goods for sale. We do however offer Consignment services and booth rentals. Please check out our Vendor Services page here for more information.

How do your booth rentals work? Is it a contract or month-to-month?

We offer a month-to-month space rental. We supply an empty, lined out space and you supply your displays, merchandise, etc. Please check out our Vendor Services page here for more information.